Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Vacation At The Beekman Farm

For the third year, we have spent the days surrounding Memorial Day at the wonderful Beekman Farm, located in Sharon Springs, New York. 

This year, our visit coincided with the Garden Festival held in the village.  The festival was wonderfully successful again this year as people from all around the country came to celebrate the beginning of the gardening and planting season. 

The Beekman was open for tours with about 300 people walking the property that became familiar to them through the Planet Green series, "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." 

While David played "security" at the entrance to the driveway, I was stationed in the garden to answer questions and encourage visitors to help out with garden chores if they had the time (there's always a weed to be pulled).  In turn, those that gardened received a pair of Beekman 1802 garden gloves as a keepsake of their moment in the heirloom garden (or helping me plant a few thousand sunflowers!).

Josh was the official tour guide for each group that attended, while Farmer John and Jason provided their expertise for tours of the barn, where visitors could meet the goats, the sheep, and of course Polkaspot. 

Following the tours, I took a stroll around the grounds to capture a few images...  

I never get tired of seeing the incredible Beekman mansion. It's so regal standing proud in the countryside.

Bubby, the chief barn cat was taking a few minutes for a cat nap in the flower garden.  Well deserved!

This peony bloomed the day of our arrival.  I photographed it the following morning after a thunderstorm.

As the tour dates grew closer, more and more peonies started to open.  I can't help but wonder if Joanna Beekman filled the beautiful mansion with fresh cut peonies...

Big and beautiful Alium dotted throughout the flower garden. 

If you ever wondered 'why' this place is so special, just look at the view..

A view from the grand porch.  The formal flower garden was coming along nicely!

The first Poppy was starting to unfold on Memorial Day. 

The buds of the Poppies are so prehistoric looking!

A beautiful Bleeding Heart shares space with a large rock on the property.

A view of the farm from across the pond

Simple seating at the edge of the pond can only mean hours of meditation while gazing over the grounds.


Another view from the far side of the pond.

The land seems to call you to relax and unwind

It's so peaceful.

The mountains paint a beautiful backdrop as you gaze out onto the property.

Goat love!

The 52-raised bed heirloom garden was nearly all planted.  Josh spent Monday putting in tomatoes while I planted corn.  The stone wall  that surrounds the garden is now complete and it's stunning!

Goats, goats, goats!  It's hard to get a clear picture... the young ones are always moving!

Polkaspot was giving me attitude for a good portion of the time we were there. At one point, she got a bit peeved with me and spit at me.  Thankfully, she missed!

Farmer John has done an amazing job with the goats.  They all are healthy and quite happy with their life at the Beekman. 

Temperamental.  Polkaspot gave me a quick smile.  She can be so manipulative!

I don't know why, but this goat was standing on the ledge, eyes closed, and seemed to either be in a goat trance, or sleeping.  Odd way to relax!


Perfecting Pru said...

You're back and I couldn't be more pleased! Yay! Looks like you had a great time - Beekman has lways looked so relaxing and like it would lead to a simple life, where the cares of the day would drift away.

I am so pleased that you and David had a good time.


Elaine said...

It's no wonder why you enjoy visiting there! Your photos are so beautiful and capture the Beekman essence (well, what I imagine the essence of the Beekman to be since I have never been there :) ). I am so glad you had a wonderful time, Kenn!

mike509 said...

Who mows the lawn??? :) I can't imagine having to dust! Stunning photos - and scenery. It would be the perfect summer getaway - so glad you enjoyed it and were able to get away!