Sunday, April 11, 2010

Martha Stewart Living - May 2010 - Color for Everyone!

The May issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived in my mailbox  and it's full of wonderful color inspiration. 

In 2007, the editors of Martha Stewart Living dedicated the May issue to color.  Since then, May has been one of the issues I look forward to most.  This issue is among my favorites. 

This issue also marks the first for new Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Holden.  If the May issue is any indication fo Vanessa's vision,  each future issue will be sure to be a favorite. 

Kevin Sharkey continues to take us on his apartment remodel journey with a great look at living with technology.  Utilizing the expertise of former MSLO staffer and founder of, Suzanne Kantra, Kevin solves the common problem of installing technology without visible wires and cables. The product highlights have me thinking of what could be next in our own home. 

Martha and the editors of Martha Stewart Living show us how they translate the shades that they love into a spectrum of beautiful home, food, flower and craft projects in the article, "The Palette Project."  Following their lead, it's easy to find your own personal color palette. 

"The Briefing," a regular section of the magazine has now been replaced with "Great Finds."  In this section, the editors share some of their favorite finds for the home and garden.

The feature section of the magazine, "Living in Color" gives readers a great lesson in what the editors are calling "Super Neutrals."   They scoured the color spectrum to find 18 paint colors that are based on the fool proof equation:  color plus neutral equals super neutral.  The color palettes are spectacular and bring ordinary spaces to life. 

There's much, much more to enjoy in this issue, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone.  The issue is arriving in subscribers mailboxes now and will be on the newsstand April 19. 

Have You Noticed?

The Martha Stewart Crafts website has undergone a terrific makeover.  Now powered by EK Success, the new Martha Stewart Crafts site features more products, and project ideas.  I found the site much easier to navigate and much easier to locate products I was most intersted in.  It's clean, and represents the brand very, very well. 


mike said...

It's like an early "decorating" issue - can't wait to see the new issue and layout. There's been so much upheaval with those editors, it will be nice to see if this one sticks around. The cover is spectacular - I wonder if anyone has really made wall art from paint sample chips! :)


Kenn, I know how badly you want those pencils...because I want them badly too!

Kenn said...

You're absolutely right, Andrew! I'd love to have a set!

Elaine said...

I'll have to check the craft site out - thanks!

botan said...

Sorry to be a bother but on a different blog I found these lovely botanical bowls and the only reference to them was the May 2010 Martha Stewart Living Catalog. I believe they are mentioned on page 41. Since the June catalog is out now (and I don't have a subscription) I can't seem to find it anywhere. Could you tell me if there's a website or a company contact information as to where I could purchase these bowls? Thank you kindly for your response.