Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PetSmart Releases New Martha Stewart Pets Commercial

Yes, that is Martha and a PetSmart employee resting comfortably on two of the new Martha Stewart Pets dog beds, now available at PetSmart. This is a still photo from the upcoming PetSmart commercial featuring Martha Stewart Pets.

PetSmart released the commercial today on their Facebook page. "Like" PetSmart on Facebook and you can see the entire commercial, which will begin airing on July 26.

The 30 second spot is delightful as Martha and her PetSmart employee pal test out some of the new products found in the collection.

Martha Stewart Pets, began showing up on PetSmart store shelves the first of this month. With a wide range of useful, and well designed products, dog owners are sure to find the perfect toy, grooming tool, or accessory for their pet.

While not a dog owner, I also found several of the products to be perfect for cats! The small bowls and feeding mat shown above are the perfect size for our adult cats.  The bowls are shallow enough to hold a perfect amount of food for our felines to enjoy.  The mat, made of silicone, is great for keeping their feeding area neat and tidy.  Clean up is a snap too, with a quick wipe with a damp cloth. 

The training mat shown above  serves a new purpose for our cats.. it keeps the cats from tracking litter everywhere!  The large square mat holds the litter box and catches any litter that may fall. 

The Grooming tote is great for storing all the essential tools needed to keep your pet clean and looking beautiful.  I think it also makes an excellent tote for cleaning supplies as you move from room to room.  Duo purpose, one great bag!

If you've yet to see the collection in person, stop by your local PetSmart.  See what all the barking is about!  


Elaine said...

My goodness. Everyone is getting a Facebook page these days! Good use for the grooming mat as a litter mat!

Pru said...

I did log back into Facebook (having abandoned it many months ago) just to check out the commercial and I thought it was funny and would have me checking out the products. I would love that grooming tote bag and the food bowls do look ideal for travelling with. I will keep dreaming about them until PetSmart pop up in the UK!

tyler said...

Oh it's better than her laying on a mat...she's WEARING A DOG COLLAR in the commercial.

I always knew she was a closet submissive!

Rose said...

I saw the line at Petsmart the other day. I was not impressed. The toys seem like they wouldn't hold up for my two crazy chewers.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using the training mat to let the cats walk across as they exit the litter box. I always have the litter on my floor and hate when it sticks to my bare feet. Guess I'll use some of my PetSmart couponsto try some of those and hopefully they'll work better than what I have now.

Shirlene said...

I treat my dogs as if they were my own children. I'd let them off the hook when they leave poop or "mark their territory" on the carpet, even if it's a hard task cleaning the stains. There was a time that I hired those awesome Indianapolis carpet cleaners to do the cleaning for me. They're the ones I call whenever the basic cleaning I do doesn't work. Well, that's to be expected from the Indianapolis carpet cleaning experts.

Anyway, I love Martha Stewart's dog beds! I'd have a look see at PetSmart to see if I can buy one. As I've said, I really love my dogs!