Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finding My Voice

Blogging has become less of a pleasure and more of a chore lately. This tells me it's time to find my real voice in the blogging world. 

Historically, this blog has been a tool to communicate with fellow Martha-ites about product, magazine releases, news and info about MSLO.  Sadly, my passion for being a 'voice' for the brand has dwindled.  While I still enjoy elements of the brand (I can't imagine a month without Martha Stewart Living magazine), the passion I once felt for what I thought was a premiere company, has faded. 

So.. I am in search for my true voice for this blog. In the future, it may be a little of this... a little of that... who knows..  But I'm taking time to figure it all out.

In Martha's words.. "I'll be back... I will be back..." 


Elaine said...

We'll be here, Kenn!

Perfecting Pru said...

Take as much time as you need. Elaine is right, we'll be here. Enjoy the warm weather and make sure you are completely happy before returning.


Scary Jerry said...

I've loved Martha Stewart and her products for many years. I stayed with her during "the ordeal", the lean times for magazine, and the newfound renaissance. However, I feel the scope of the magazine, the tone, and overall message has really changed. It used to be a homekeeper's magazine for good living, and now it seems like a women's magazine with some home stuff thrown in. The audience that is not female has all but been forgotten. Martha has always rightly put the limelight on women, but has never ostracized her many walks of viewers and readers. In this new market, she has, and as a result I have lost interest. I barely skim the magazine now as most of the content no longer resonate and I for the first time in 12 years will not be renewing my subscription. It's all very sad, but your blog post has confirmed what I've felt for a while now.

mike509 said...

Good riddance to MSLO I say. Hopefully they'll take notice of all the "free Martha" (no pun intended) advertising you've provided in the past years. Their loss I say - and your gain! Looking forward to the new voice. Will it be an octave higher?