Monday, November 1, 2010

Martha Stewart Cookie App for iPad Now Available!

The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app for the iPad is now available! I downloaded the app first thing this morning and it is an incredible cooking app!

The splash page is enticing and beautifully created.

Welcome to the cookie 'runway.'  Simply scroll through the runway to select one of your favorites or select a new cookie to bake.

Once you select your cookie, you'll come to the cover page for that particular cookie.  Simply touch on the recipe link to find the recipe. 

As you read through the recipe, you can set a timer, if it's required.  For instance, if the dough needs to chill for 30 minutes, you can set the timer at that point in the recipe and walk away.  The timer will sound when the required time has expired. 

Spin the cookie wheel!  Looking for a particular type of cookie? You can use the wheel to select cookies by your own criteria. 

Also included in the app is a great shopping list feature that will automatically create a shopping list from the selected recipe(s).  You can email the shopping list to your smart phone or to your email address.  Many of the recipes include a how-to video or packaging hints and tips.  You can even email yourself templates for specific labels and cookie packaging options!

This app is creative, it's helpful, and it is sure to become a valuable baking resource for years to come!  Best of all, there are no cookbooks to store, and worry about keeping clean!

The Martha Stewart Makes Cookies app for iPad is slated for an additional upgrade in January 2011.  The app costs $7.99 and is well worth it!

You can download the app here


Elaine said...

It looks wonderful, although I wouldn't want it anywhere near my kitchen while I am baking... I'm kind of a messy baker. :)

mike said...

Can you print the recipes from the iPad? I too, would be worried that my chocolate glaze would be all over my iPad screen rather than on my cookie! Great looking graphic design on the app! Getting my mom one for Christmas - and I'll download - of course, I'll have to use it! :)

Kenn said...

No, there is not a print capability with the iPad. I think you need another app for that!