Friday, October 29, 2010

New Holiday Issue and Cookie App for iPad

You know the holiday season is about to begin when the Martha Stewart Holiday special issue hits the newsstands. This year, it's all about cookies once again. 

This beautifully designed issue provides great cookie inspiration for every baker, from novice to expert.  With 101 recipes to choose from, there will be something for everyone this holiday season. 

Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies is divided into specific cookie loving categories:  for Traditionalists; Trendsetters; Those far away; those near & dear; Little ones; Grown-ups; Health-conscious; and Hedonists.  There are returning favorites as well as new recipes that are sure to become part of a new holiday tradition. 

This special holiday issue release (on newsstands, Monday, November 1st) coincides with the release of the new iPad app "Martha Stewart Makes Cookies" slated for release on the same day.  Martha Stewart Makes Cookies, will feature more than 50 recipes, ranging from classic shortbread to chocolate-chestnut meringues, and will present them on a nicely rendered "cookie runway" that allows for easy perusing.

The $8 app will include a number of features to help you on your path toward cookie baking expertise, including video tutorials, built-in cooking timers, shopping lists that can be e-mailed from the app, and a glossary of baking tools.  It sounds like a very good thing.  I'll be test driving the app on Monday and will be sure to share my thoughts. 

Happy start to the holidays!


Elaine said...

Can't wait!

mike said...

It's a great issue (the old fashioned print issue). For those that don't have iPads (someday, someday)! Would be neat to use that in the kitchen too... hm.... :)