Thursday, October 14, 2010

Martha Helps Bring Kids into the Kitchen

I was very happy to see the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's offer these great cooking sets designed for kids. 

What kid doesn't love pizza?  Here's a chance for them to make one right along with Mom or Dad.

We know how Martha loves to bake - so why shouldn't kids learn the same valuable skills?

Time with Mom or Dad in the kitchen can be valuable learning time with this great mix and measure set.

It's fashion first in the kitchen!  This adorable "Mommy and Me" apron set is perfect when time together is in the kitchen. 

All of the kids cooking sets are available on or visit your local Macy's store. 


Elaine said...

The cooking sets are so colorful and perfect for kids. I like this set of aprons so much better than the earlier mom/dad and me sets. I have a few kids on my Christmas list who would enjoy these.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. These would be perfect as Christmas presents. Every child should learn how to bake it is so important to know how to make something decent without the need for lots of colours and preservatives. (I sound like a Government official - sorry!)

mike said...

How fun - I should send one (or two) to my niece - I only wish her mother baked more. :) Wonderful designs!