Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ladybug Cupcakes

When my dear friend Katy asked me if I would make cupcakes for her daughters first birthday party, I quickly said, "yes!"  Little did I know that she had ladybugs on her mind for the cupcake decor! 

The cupcakes were made in over sized muffin pans.  A delicious white cake filled the liners to the brim and laid the foundation for a coating of red/orange butter cream icing for the body of the ladybug. 

Everything about these little bugs is edible, right down to the little antenna's made from small slices of Twizzlers.  I hope these adorable little bugs are enjoyed by all the guests! 


Elaine said...

They are very adorable, Kenn! Little ones and big ones will enjoy these. Terrific job!

mike said...

Very talented with the bug decor! I'm sure they all enjoyed these!