Saturday, October 16, 2010

Martha Stewart Crafts: Holiday 2010

Martha Stewart Crafts continues to grow with the release of the 2010 holiday line; the largest holiday craft line yet. 

With 150+ crafting and food packaging products to choose from, all crafters and bakers are sure to find products perfect for their holiday projects. Here is a peek at the wide variety of holiday food packaging boxes for this year with some returning favorites as well as all new designs; 

Snowflake Compartment Box $14.99

Candy Cane Matchbox Box $14.99

Candy Cane Compartment Box w/ Window $14.99

Snowflake Treat Boxes $14.99

Elegant Matchbox  $14.99
Scandinavian Tree Compartment Box $14.99

Scandinavian Treat Box $16.99

Scandinavian Treat Boxes $7.99

Winter Wonderland Treat Boxes $14.99

Winter Wonderland Compartment Treat Boxes w/ Window $14.99

Snowglobe Treat Boxes $9.99

Snowflake Doily Treat Boxes $9.99

There are so many products to choose from! You can view the entire line here


Elaine said...

oh, no...I don't NEED any more boxes...I don't NEED any more boxes...I don't NEED any more boxes...

John R. said...

Oh, I could NEVER have enough boxes!!!!

mike said...

I might pick up a few..... :)

Perfecting Pru said...

I found the candy cane cookie boxes in a department store at hme today! I couldn't believe my eyes. We don't have fancy boxes for cookies like that over here, but there they were. And although they were £15 (about $25) I had to have a pack. Now I just can't wait to bake some cookies. Super excited I am, super excited!!!