Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage Martha Commercials

Here are a couple vintage Martha commercials for fun...

The first commercial is an introduction to the "At Home with Martha Stewart," introduced at Kmart in 1988.

The second commercial was produced in 1989 in a series of promos called "At Home With Martha Stewart." 

It's always fun to look back.  For the latest Martha Stewart commercials, see the post below.


Elaine said...

Love them!

John R. said...

Such fun commecials to watch! I know I've mentioned this before, but my mother had a complete set of "At Home With Martha Stewart" dishes (Westport Classic), when I was a teen (back in the 80s), and I cringed when she sold them in a yard sale when she moved. To think where they may be now! :-\

mike said...

Oh.... i LOVE these! I don't even remember seeing these... course, I really had no idea who she was back then (when I was in grade school). :)

REQUEST: I always remember the MSE Garden commercial "We love Martha Stewart Everyday!"..... (hint, hint)! :)