Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Martha Stewart Collection Television Commercials

Macy's has released three different commercials featuring Martha Stewart and the Martha Stewart Collection.

The three commercials are "Make it Festive," "Make it Delicious," and "Make it Colorful."
Macy's has also developed a special Martha Stewart Collection page on their website.  You can view the page by clicking here.


Kerri Lynn said...

Thanks for finding and sharing these! They remind me of the old Kmart commercials when the MSE first came on the market.

Sean said...

Love the commercials!

Elaine said...

Great commercials! Short and sweet.


Oh, these are fun! Make it Delicious is my favourite.

Kenn said...

I just noticed in the "Make it Festive" commercial.. Kevin Sharkey is there and while they are all sitting at the table, there is no food on their plates!

Bruce Hershey said...

Interesting set of commercials. Martha Stewart is a world renowned entrepreneur. Macy's new collection would definitely be a season favorite because of these short yet fun commercials.

One of the best vehicle to sell a product is a TV commercial. Toronto and other parts of the world have witnessed the best of commercials from major video production companies (Toronto and other places). A combination of entertainment and information. All rolled up in 15secs and 30secs packages.

Thanks for sharing!