Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hope in the Mist

The heavy snows of February are beginning to melt away.  Despite the grey skies, the temperatures are warming just enough to begin melting the 27" of snow that fell during the month.

The warmer air and the melting snow create a grey fog as the day comes to a close. Most would find the grey mist gloomy; but I find hope in the mist.  Spring is not far. 

Goodbye, February. 


Elaine said...

Beautiful photo, Kenn. There is hope for Spring is just around the corner.

perfectingpru said...

London has woken up to sunshine for the first time in a long time today. Thank goodness spring is nearly here. I am as excited as you! Love the banner photo by the way.

mike said...

Good riddance I say! I much prefer the banner photo - it's inspiration and beautiful (as is the snowy, misty photo!). I "duck" as I say that today is 60 and sunny.... Happy Spring! :)


Did you see any gorillas?