Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm in a Retro State of Mind

After a long, hellish week, I have no desire to watch the news and hear more doom and gloom. Instead, I'll just take a look back into my younger years. I've found several openings from television shows I enjoyed during my childhood. YouTube is an amazing place.

I remember watching Sally Field as "Gidget" in the early 60's:

My oldest sister was addicted to "That Girl" starring Marlo Thomas:

Another Sally Field Favorite, "The Flying Nun." I loved this show:

Is there anyone who didn't love Lucy? My fond memories of the Lucy Show from 1966:

Friday Nights were all about the "Partridge Family":

And.. everyone's favorite, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." I still watch episodes on DVD:

After my post about David Cassidy, I had a reader email me and share that she had never heard "I Think I Love You." So... not to disappoint:


mike said...

Boy do these bring back memories - yes, YouTube is a treasure trove... Great Clips Kenn!

Can I add a couple??? :)
* Love American Style
* Family Affair
I know there's more....

John said...

May I add my absolute favorite "retro" TV show, "I Dream Of Jeannie"!!
I have loved that show from childhood, and even have a nice little collection of "Jeannie Bottles" including exact replicas of the 2 bottle designs used for the run of the show, as well as the design used for the made for tv "reunion" movies, and some "unpainted" 1964 "Unpainted" Jim Beam whiskey bottles (the bottles used on the show!)! I even have a "PRIDE" Jeannie bottle. LOL!


elaine said...

Great shows, Kenn!

Matt said...

I was a fan of each of these shows and even wrote once of my childhood crush on Sally Field as Sister Bertrille.

As I moved on into my high school years I loved the show Family with Sada Thompson, Gary Frank (who I had a huge crush on), and Kristy McNichol. Other favorites were the short lived Paper Chase and James at Fifteen. Where did the time go?