Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have You Butt Dialed Someone?

Okay.. Am I the only person who has NOT butt dialed someone? I never carry my Blackberry in my back pocket (who wants the unsightly bulge?). My phone is usually in my briefcase (stylish, messenger bag type), or it's in my coat pocket, or my hand. (and as a general rule, 'belt clips' are so unfashionable!)

Despite my lack of experience as a butt dialer, I thought the new Blackberry commercial was actually quite funny. The facial expressions alone are priceless.


mike said...

I love it. I wish the front 3 "music" buttons of my flip phone would stop accidentally beeping in my "front" pockets. Or maybe I need to stop wearing those tight pants.

John said...

I love this commercial too! As of last month, I am a new BlackBerry owner (BlackBerry Storm). If I carried my phone in my back pocket, I'd most definitely crush the *@!# out of it! LOL!


elaine said...

That is a cute commercial!