Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Business Week Interview with Martha Stewart

Martha sat down with Business Week Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler for a great interview where Martha speaks on a numerous topics. You can watch the entire interview below. I believe this is one of the best interviews in recent months.


John said...

This was a great interview! I even posted the link on my Facebook page!


Matt's Kitchen said...

I've watched this twice and am just getting around to posting a comment now. I think what I truly admire about Martha is that she is almost a bundle of contradictions. She is a high powered business woman yet she raises chickens, can wield power tools, and can do just about anything in the kitchen. She can sell high end items through Macy's and yet create affordable and high quality items for K-Mart.

I enjoyed watching this video precisely because she comes across as powerful yet very real and genuine. I think it's a shame that in our country smart, assertive women are vilified when their male counterparts are not. Even Stephen Adler's question, "I've heard you're difficult to work for" isn't something one might hear in an interview with a male executive.

As a side note, while I have a Kindle, there are some books I just want to hold in my hand and enjoy the textured feel of paper, the sound of turning pages... I agree with Martha that her magazine is one I wan to tuck under my arm and carry with me...