Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come, Sit on the Patio...

My friend Mike visited his local Kmart in Spokane, WA and sent an email to let me know that the garden department was beginning to gear up for the season.

As I read his email this morning, the windchill here is -25 degrees, a winter weather advisory is in effect for the day with snow expected by afternoon. A glimpse at patio furniture gives me hope that this winter 'stuff' won't last forever!

Mike scanned a few pages of the Kmart publication "Everyday Getaway" which features several collections that will be available at Kmart this year, including Martha Stewart Everyday.

Martha-philes may want to browse the aisles for their favorites... this will be the last year for Martha at Kmart with the contract expiring January 1, 2010 and no signs of any renewal.


John said...

Since we're practically "neighbors" I can share your "ill-desire" for this weather and can't wait for the Spring! I still get saddened over the loss ofmy beautiful Martha Stewart Everyday Melrose Gazebo to this wicked snowfall we've had (It's snowing outside as I type this!), and I'm still reminded of it since the gazebo still sits on my patio in a lumped together mass of twisted metal and glass all covered in a seemingly never-ending pile of snow.

I can't remove anything until the Spring when the snow is gone as the posts are bolted into the patio bricks.

On a happier note, I'm sure there will be something newer and or just as nice to replace it with this Spring!


Claudine said...

I can't even think about summer yet. It isn't -25 degrees here but still pretty chilly.. stay warm!

Sarah said...

Did he pick up that brochure at the store? I got the brochure last year at the store so let me know and I'll look for this one too!

Elaine said...

I went yesterday, but they didn't have a lot of Martha's outdoor collection out yet and I did not see the brochure with the outdoor furniture. I did get some seeds, though.

Sarah said...

Made it to KMart yesterday and got my catalog. They are really pushing the Jaclyn Smith products now, in a copy cat way. They can't top Martha!