Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Martha's in Your Closet!

The Martha Stewart Collection available at Macy's, has expanded to include a new line of merchandise: Martha Stewart's Closet Shop.

Now showing on Macy's website, Martha Stewart's Closet Shop features several different items that will help you keep your closet organized and help you store those seasonal clothing and bedding items.

Items in the new line follow the signature taupe and teal color scheme (a personal favorite of mine!) and include fabric storage boxes in three sizes, an over the door shoe bag, a hanging sweater shelf, a garment bag and hangers in various styles.

Storage boxes in three sizes

Fabric garment bag and thin velvet hangers


To view the items in Martha Stewart's Closet Shop, visit Macy's online store.


John said...

Oh Jesus H, that's all I need to see, after I just paid off the Christmas Balance on my Macy's card!! Now it's going to be run up again! LOL!!!! Thank Kenn!

Bridgette said...

I just love when Martha comes out with new stuff!!!! fyi-Thanks for the comment, the board I use is Homosote fiberboard, it's available @ Homedepot in 4'x 8' boards.

mike said...

Just in time for "new year" organizing, huh? Next we'll see exercise machines and big storage totes. :)

Love these - I have all the MSE canvas organizers from Kmart, and look forward to getting more from Macy's!
Thanks Kenn for posting!

Elaine said...

Kenn, I know your closets are just going to be brimming with those hangers and those storage boxes! :-)