Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MSLO Not Publishing an "Outdoor Living" Issue This Year

Several friends and readers have inquired about the publication of an "Outdoor Living" special issue this year. Sadly, MSLO will not be producing this special issue for 2009.

While no explanation was given as to 'why' the issue isn't being produced, it would be easy to speculate that the weak economy has led to this decision.

I loved the first two issues of Outdoor Living and it's unfortunate that the company will not be publishing one this year. We can only hope for it's return when our economy can once again support it.


Elaine said...

I will look forward to it's return. I always look forward to it for inspiration and am disappointed that they won't be publishing one, but certainly understand given the economy.

mike said...

I will fish out my two copies from years past and use those for inspiration. I just know there's something I missed and didn't grill or make or bake from them!

Sad news....