Friday, October 17, 2008

Martha Stewart Products Holiday Gift Guide 2008

As we begin to prepare our lists and check them twice, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia introduces the Holiday Gift Guide 2008, with many wonderful ideas for everyone on your Christmas list.
The cover of the gift guide.
This is on my Christmas list! The tin alone is wonderful!

One of my favorite taste treats is a good bread dipped in olive oil. A perfect hostess gift or gift to bring to the holiday table.

Snacks anyone? A wonderful assortment of savory snacks available through Martha Stewart for 1-800 Flowers.

This gift basket for Afternoon Tea suggests calm, comfort, and relaxation. A perfect gift!

If you love glitter (and who doesn't?) you'll love these classic Martha glittered ornaments available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Add some 'sparkle' to your holiday tree!

Martha always says you know it's the holidays when you hang the wreath on your front door. This beautiful Noble Fir wreath would look perfect on any door!

There are so many wonderful gift ideas for this year!


Elaine said...

I'm sure Mike would bake you fresh cookies for less than that, but then you wouldn't get the tin. Just kidding. :-)

Love it all. Will take one of everything, especially the Afternoon Tea Basket!!

The gift guide is a great idea.

Sarah said...

where can i get a copy of that guide?!?!

Kenn said...

I have no doubt that Mikes cookies would taste great! Now, if he can come up with a teal blue tin.. :-)

Kenn said...

Unfortunately, I do not have a 'hard copy' of the gift guide or a copy that can I can email. I have asked for one, and if I get an electronic file, I'll be sure to share!

mike said...

Sure! Just put an order in! I won't charge you shipping, but I DO have to include a small "handling" fee (with gloves, of course), you understand. :)

Thanks for posting!