Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Calendar Comeback

Do you remember Martha's calendar?

From 1991 - August of 2003 readers of Martha Stewart Living magazine could view Martha's calendar each month. From replacing storm windows, to hosting birthday parties, Martha's calendar gave readers some helpful reminders of things to do for the current month. If Martha said we needed to clean our garden furniture in March... by golly, we cleaned it in March. Even if it was still snowing in the northern states!

Martha's calendar was removed from the magazine in September 2003 as the company at that time was making moves to 'de-Martha' the magazine in hopes of retaining advertisers. The calendar, Martha's monthly letter and her 'Remembering' column were all removed as a reaction to the fallout of her legal problems at that time. (what most Martha fans refer to as the 'dark days)

When Martha Stewart Living Television relaunched as "Martha-the Martha Stewart Show" the calendar made a brief appearance for several months. Eventually, that was phased out for reasons unknown.

Today, on "Ask Martha," the live radio call in show on Sirius/XM, a caller asked Martha if the calendar would ever come back. Martha announced that in the 'very near future' we will see the calendar once again. Not in the pages of the magazine; but on marthastewart.com.

For those that loved the calendar as I did, this is welcomed news. As much as I would love to see the calendar back in the pages of Martha Stewart Living, I'm willing to settle for an online version!

Did you read the calendar? Do you miss the calendar?


Claudine said...

I really missed the Calendar, it was always fun to look at....

John said...

I LOVED the calendar! I even do a similar calendar on my page at MySpace!

mike said...

I always wondered if she actually DID all those thing on all of those days. :)

I loved it - and would love any version of it - web or print! Thanks for the update Kenn!


I liked it, but I didn't always read it. I prefer the Gentle Reminders. But I loved the April Fool's version of the calendar from the late 90's. I forget which issue it was...but it was hilarious.

Elaine said...

I enjoyed her calendar, but I didn't like it when they had it "blown up" and rolled it out on the set of the show. It will be nice to see it again, but I agree with you, Kenn, I wish they would put it back in the magazine.

John, I enjoy looking at your calendar. It is inspiring!