Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart Food Line Expands

The long awaited additions to the Kirkland Signature Martha Stewart food line at Costco will soon be available.

Martha's holiday ham will return once again with availability beginning in November. It's the perfect main course for your holiday table.

In late October, Costco shoppers will find: Turkey soup, Pork meatballs, Apple/raspberry slab pie, and beef chili with beans. In November several more additions are expected: Mushroom dip, Chicken slab pies, and Olive bruschetta.


Anonymous said...

thas some goo beef chilI!

Anonymous said...

Don't buy the Turkey soup. The turkey is all full of crisel, like it came from the neck part of the turkey. Very bad feel in mouth and tasts icky.

Someone who like the chick soup from Costco.