Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning

It's no secret that I'm a morning person. I love watching the sun rise and the quiet of the early morn. Despite the fact that it was a bit chilly this morning (mid 40s), I had my coffee on the patio with soothing music in the background. (I love having an outdoor sound system!)

Across the field, the neighbors roosters began their morning ritual of calling out the new day. While 'city folk' might find a cock crow to be annoying (especially if you like to sleep in!) I love hearing them as they perform their duty as natures alarm clock. At dawns first light you can hear them warming up for their daily performance.

The rising sun creates beautiful shadows across our side yard. As I turn to the east, the trees are almost golden as the morning light saturates the green of the new leaves. My camera didn't quite capture its true beauty.

As I sat enjoying my coffee, Mr. Rabbit (as I've named him..) came for his morning treat of fallen seed from the bird feeder above him. I often see him grazing through the seed to find the tasty morsels he enjoys. The sun highlighted him just in time for me to snap a quick picture of his feeding. I love seeing the wildlife in the yard. While they (rabbits, deer, squirrels) can be destructive, there's just something very cool about having a rabbit hop along next to you as you walk through the yard. We have four rabbits (there will be more, I'm sure!) that have made our yard their home. They are used to us and seem confident that they are in no danger. It's not uncommon to have them follow along as I go from one spot to another in the yard. I do have to have a serious discussion with them about eating my marigold border! I thought animals didn't like marigolds!

Early morning moments on the patio, or walking around to check the various gardens, gives me a moment to stop, think, and appreciate our little slice of the world. This is living.


Elaine said...

The early morning is my favorite time of the day as well. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

mike said...

Come, walk with me....


Love the photographs!!! Especially the bunny, he's so cute, yet so destructive. Catch him and have him stuffed, it will be like the real thing, but you'll still have your marigolds. :)

Thanks for sharing!