Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New in the Garden

I've made a few new additions to the garden this year. Here's a sneak peek:

A beautiful delicate daisy like plant, the Argyranthemum Frutescens-Butterfly is a wonderful potted plant. An annual, this plant grows from 18-36", requires full sun to partial shade and will bloom all season long.
Lychnis X Haagaena Molten Lava has large clusters of five petaled vibrant red flowers on dark green foliage. This clump forming perennial grows in full sun and will reach up to 18" tall.

Saliva Guaranitica, "Black and Blue Sage" a shrub like perennial that bears rich blue and dark purple blue flowers from late summer to late autumn. This is a big attraction for hummingbirds and provides excellent cut flowers. It's not a picky plant, preferring average soil and no fussy care.
I was astounded to learn that this plant is actually an herb. Tanacetum Vulgare commonly known as Tansy has pungent fern like leaves and is primarily used in fresh and dried arrangements. Tansy has been known to repel insects. This plant will grow 36-48 inches! The bright yellow flowers are beautiful dots of color against the fern leaves.

Oenothera 'Sunset Boulevard' blooms all summer long while in full sun. With a preference for well drained soil, the Oenothera grows to 24" with striking orange flowers on erect stems. They attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


Elaine said...

Kenn, your new additions are goreous! I love all of them, but you know I have to get the Oenothera 'sunset Boulevard' for the hummingbirds and butterflies. Your garden must be just popping with color. I so hope that you don't get a freeze tonight.

mike said...

I'm glad you take lots of pictures! They're all so beautiful! You must be really enjoying the garden this week, without having to work. I'm jealous!

I'm with Elaine - I'll have to find a place to put an Oenothera!