Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

I wanted to share with you the surprise birthday cake that David had made for me. I'd say this "themed" cake was quite appropriate!

It just 'screams' me, no? Well.. actually it is screaming Martha.. My friend Elaine in California also made me a cake! She nailed it on the head with another "theme" that speaks to one of my passions.

A wonderful dirt cake! The photograph was so well styled too! Notice the hint of fabulous blue ribbon on the right? Thank you Elaine for your creativity and your thoughtful gesture!

If two cakes weren't enough, my pal Mike decided that cookies (my favorite chocolate chip recipe no less) were in order. These are fantastic! If you've not tried Alexis' chocolate chip cookies (you can find the recipe in the cookie book) you've got to try them! Crispy yet chewy.. perfect!

Can someone ask for a better possible present?!

The birthday festivities have now concluded. See you back here next year.


Chris and Dan said...

Those are great cakes! We hope you had a great birthday. See you on Tuesday! -C & D said...

Mr. LaFramboise,
In regards to your use of the Martha Stewart logo on the birthday cake photograph: did you obtain the proper Identity Release form (MS24-08) from our legal department? In order to this logo to be reproduced, in any manner, this form must be subitted to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia prior to production.

Regarding the "Alexis's Cookies" photograph:
You have obviously taken and used this photograph without permission.

Aren't they just the BEST cookies around????


Happy Birthday from MSLO.

Elaine said...

I'm just so surprised that you didn't try to lift off that logo in one piece and freeze it for the museum! It is so beautiful and I am sure if you ship some of it to the legal department at MSLO all will be forgiven. :-)

So glad you liked your dirt cake and the photo!