Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forty - some years ago today, a sassy little guy was born.. my friend Mike.

Mike is one of those people that you love to death and yet you could slap him in a moments notice. (not literally... figuratively speaking.) He's such a kind person, genuinely a nice person, and yet he has a streak of sarcasm that runs deep! I personally like that about him. He keeps you on your toes.. and you often times find yourself wondering "is what he's saying the real deal?" It's just hard to tell if he's kidding!

His kindness will warm your heart. You can't help but appreciate him and his generosity towards others.

We live at opposite ends of the country, but Mike and I talk on the phone almost every week (It's become something I look forward to on Sundays). I can't even keep count, how many times during the course of a conversation I laugh - and laugh hard! There's no mild 'giggle' around Mike... he'll pull that full blown laughter out of you in no time! It's not uncommon to have tears running down my cheeks at some point during a call.

We share a passion for gardening. We share a love of all things Martha (but we keep it real and in perspective!), and we share the curiosity of WHAT people do with the little punch outs from one of Martha's craft punches!

Mike is a master cookie baker. His co-workers benefit from his talents with his usual Friday treats. Lucky dogs..

Happy Birthday, Sparky! Have a wonderful day, and make it special. You make everyday special for those of us who know you.


Elaine said...

Yes, he does make our days special! I miss him so when he disappears on us. This is a wonderful tribute to him, Kenn. Happy Birthday, Mike!

mike said...