Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Soaps Arrive!

I love when I arrive home from work and find packages in my door from one of the delivery services. Today my Beekman soaps arrived!
Okay.. so I've raved about the soaps in a previous blog entry.. forgive me if I do it again. What I didn't get to see was the packaging when my sister gave me my 'sample' soaps.

Each package comes in a wonderful muslin drawstring bag. Inside, there are two bars of soap wrapped in tissue and tied with cotton string. (very natural - just like the soap) Also included is a small card that tells you a bit about the soap. On the reverse side of the card, it indicates who made the soap - Josh or Brent. Nice touch!

Those of you that know me, know that I love the graphic design of packaging, logo's, etc. I was impressed with the simple packaging. Yet, it made the soaps something special. It wasn't like getting two bars of soap... it was like opening a gift. (it's an early birthday present from me to me!)
I do hope everyone will give the soaps a try. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

On a side note, I had 'hinted' to Dr. Brent about producing t-shirts with their Beekman logo on them. He commented on one of his blog entries that they encourage the DIY approach - so I'm going to make my own (and send one to Brent and Josh each to garden in). I'll show you the finished product this weekend. The packaging tag is my inspiration..


mike said...

Very nice packaging! I'm sure you ordered two (one to keep pristine). Or maybe you won't even use them, and keep them safe in a cupboard..... nah, who would do something like that???


Brent said...

I hope you actually use the soap! We've already had people tell us that when they received the soap it was too pretty to use. I think that kind of defeats the purpose, but, I'm a sucker for packaging, too, so I understand. The packaging is so often better than what is inside (though definitely not in the case of our soap :-))

Looking forward to the t-shirts. We will take a picture of us wearing them in the garden (before they get dirty) and post it on the website.