Saturday, May 17, 2008

Favorite Things For Summer

While it's no secret that I love Martha and all things Martha, there are other merchandise lines that catch my eye as some of my favorites. I wanted to share some of those favorite things with you. (I guess in some way I wanted to be Oprah today, since she did this very topic on her show yesterday)

One of my favorite outdoor dining sets is this wonderful teak set from Pottery Barn. The table has two butterfly extensions that will allow for comfortable seating for 6. Of course, I love the ice blue umbrella! The Chesapeake collection from Pottery Barn retails for $2,899 (seating for six, with the umbrella and stand). It's a favorite, but it's not likely to be in my budget!

This Galvanized steel potting bench is definitely a favorite! With ample storage and stylish design, this Restoration Hardware item would look GREAT in my potting area. The wide center drawer would be perfect for storing tools, seeds, and gloves. This magnificent bench retails for $349.00 and is available on their website.

You may remember a few years ago when Martha taught us how to make our own mason jar candle holders. (She also made them with small jelly jars) If you're not the crafty type but like the handmade look, you can buy these Mason jar candle holders as a set of four from Pottery Barn. These rustic looking favorites retail for $24.00 for the set of four.

Sea glass has always been a favorite of mine (after all, these are very Martha-esque colors!). This sea glass and driftwood wind chime is available from Stonewall Kitchen and retails for $24.95. I can almost hear the delicate sound now!

Anyone who has watched Martha for any length of time should be familiar with a wonderful artisan by the name of Guy Wolff. In the previous version of Martha Stewart Living television, Guy Wolff's pots lined the shelves in Martha's potting shed. You'll still see those pots on her set today. This pot collection called the "Rose Pot" collection is available through Smith and Hawken. Rustic, yet elegant, these pots range in price from $4.00 for the thumb pot to $36.00 for the larger 8" pot. Smith and Hawken will frequently feature several different designs of Guy Wolff pottery in their stores.

This all glass beverage dispenser is an elegant way to serve a party sized Sangria, ice tea, or fresh lemonade. Available from Stonewall Kitchen, this dispenser retails for $199.95 (I have a Stonewall gift card... I think I'm going to order this one!)

I love the look of this bronze and copper watering can from Smith and Hawken. The wooden handle grips give it an antique look. The narrow shower head gives the home gardener a soft, gentle spray for even the most delicate of plants. Retail price: $85.00

This stackable compost bin is perfect for the city dweller who wants to make compost for their flower gardens. Three tiers attach together as your compost pile grows. The lid locks securely to keep varmints out. Available from Smith and Hawken, it retails for $129.00

This grilling sauce can't be beat. Pomegranate Grille Sauce is available at Stonewall Kitchen and is a wonderful sauce to use with pork or chicken on the grill. Tangy and sweet, it will soon become one of your favorites too! Retail price: $6.50

Last but not least... when you don't have time to make your own lemon curd (and how many of us really DO have that time?!) There is nothing better than the Barefoot Contessa lemon curd available through Stonewall Kitchen. Perfect for filling tarts, or used between cake layers, this lemon curd gives you all the tang of lemon you'll need. I always keep this stocked in my pantry. Retail price $6.00


mike said...

Sure, taunt, tease us all with this wonderful summer merchandise that no one can afford! Well, the lemon curd us well within my budget! Great stuff!!!

I love the galvanized potting bench! But Kenn, I guess the question is: would you USE the gloves and potting tools that you would put in the large, middle drawer? Or would they sit there idle with their tags still attached . . . :)

Kenn said...

Good question. I would perhaps have to have two of everything.. one set to use, one set to remain pristine for any photo opportunity that might happen along. :-)

Elaine said...

Great favorite things, Kenn. I love Pottery Barn and Smith and Hawken. I really like those mason jar candle holders. I use my antique ones for canisters in the kitchen. The seaglass chimes I am going to go check those out. And I need to get some of that Lemon Curd to use with the Martha Lemon Cake mix that I have and want to try. Hmmm, I think my Wish List is growing. Thanks a lot, Kenn!! :-)

Leslie said...

Oh!! You choose really awesome items from Stonewall Kitchen...