Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's In Your Magazine Basket?

Since today is one of those 'blah' days for me, I decided to take some time (hours) and go through the numerous magazines that I've not yet read. As I was looking through the basket that holds a good many of the publications, I was amazed at the number of magazines I had not yet read. Mind you, when a new Living comes in, the reading ritual takes place.. but something like, let's say, Men's Health, doesn't quite get the same treatment!

So, I'm curious, what magazines do you subscribe to or read on a regular basis?


mike said...

Great topic!

* Everyday Food
* Food & Wine
* This Old House
* Weddings
* Garden Design
* Fine Gardening
* Traditional Home
* Bon Apetit
* Runner's World
* Cook's Illustrated
* Renovation Style
* Horticulture
* House Beautiful
* Home & Garden
Just subscribed today!:
* Mac Life
* Accent on Home & Garden

.... eesh.. think of the landfills.
* Home & Garden

Elaine said...

Mike, I think you need a 12-step program for magazines!!!

claudinehk said...

my list is just as bad as Mike's:
MS Weddings
MS Everday Food
MS Body and Soul
Bon Appetit
Food & Wine
This old house
Cooking Light
Cycle Sports
Country Living
Creating Keepsakes
Scrapbooks etc
Traditonal Home
Cook's Illustrated

and the New York Times

and I am about 4 months behind reading all of them

mike said...

I just finished December's MSL. What a great issue! I can't wait to start the felt stocking craft and the buche noel. :)

Reading my way to Spring!


Elaine said...

Well, you both need some help, then!

Here's mine:

Everyday Food
Body & Soul
Cottage Living
Sunset Magazine

That's it! And I thought my mail delivery person hated me. Now that I have seen y'all's lists I don't feel quilty anymore! :-)