Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Remembering: Outdoor Living Special Issues

While winter seems to have a death grip on us, I'm ready to begin the warm weather seasons and enjoy the great outdoors once again. 

Since mid-February, I've been in planning mode - sketching out garden plantings for this year, making my shopping list for plants to fill the numerous urns and patio planters, and designing the patio arrangement to turn the space into a true outdoor living space.

For inspiration, I pour over numerous publications; but I always spend a few hours with two past special issues from Martha Stewart - "Outdoor Living." 

The first Outdoor Living special issue was published in 2007 and each page was filled with great ideas and help for the beginning gardener, to the most seasoned.  Paging through this issue is always a nice trip back to the gardens at Turkey Hill. 

The second issue was published in 2008 and was just as useful and beautiful. 

True to the Martha Stewart standard, the information contained in these two publications is truly 'ever-green' and timeless.  It's just as useful today as it was when they were first published. 

While only two issues of Outdoor Living were published, I remain hopeful that MSLO will revisit the idea once again - even if only in digital form. 

Outdoor Living special issues were definitely a good thing. 


Pru said...

I have the second one, but can never find the first one on EBay. My quest continues. it is still pretty cold here and so all plans are on hold but I'm certainly looking forward to visiting the garden centre soon.


Love these so much. Two of my favourites.