Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage Recipe Pamphlets

When paging through the August issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, I was excited to see the article on collecting vintage baking pamphlets.

I've always loved these little books of retro goodness.  Food suppliers would produce these booklets featuring the use of their specific product(s).  It was a genius marketing tool and continues to be today. 

Over the years, a few vintage baking pamphlets have made their way into my collection of cookbooks.  I love the retro look of the 50's and 60's (ahh, my youth!) and when a particular booklet would catch my eye, I have not been able to resist adding it to my small, but wonderful collection.  Knowing of my "retro-love," my friends have also contributed to my stash. 

I love the iconic images, the typefaces used, and have actually found a wonderful recipe or two!  Take a few minutes to page through the article.  It's a great look back at time spent in the American kitchen!


Elaine said...

Why am I not surprised that you have some of these? :) I really enjoyed that article, Kenn, and have some of the ones they showed. I appreciate so many of them for their cover artwork, but It's so fun to read through them and I have made many of the recipes.

mike509 said...

Guilty. I love these - and recognized a few in that article. Isn't it amazing how many there are out there - and how many more you want because of that article? There's going to be a run on these things, I just know it. Love the kitchen "scenes" pamphlets - !

Carillon said...

Hi, Kenn - I have some of these, too, from my mother..40's and 50's. See, I'm older than you! But I love having them as a remembrance of her, and looking through them, seeing her handwritten notes in the margins..Carillon in Phoenix


Very nice collection! I love the artwork and design.