Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Shady Side of the Garden

The shade garden is nearing its peak of perfection, since we've had some extremely warm weather this last week.  The Hostas are absolutely beautiful right now and the ferns are in full glory! 

I love the "mix and match" way the different varieties of Hostas work together

An abandoned garden path is starting to get overrun with plants

Just on the other side of the shade garden, where there is full sun, red tea roses are blooming.  I have no clue where the rose bush came from.. I don't recall ever planting it!

These ferns multiply and multiply and multiply.  They look great until about the end of July... then they start fading out. 

Another view of the shade garden

Many years ago, my sister bought me this hanging copper double pot from Smith and Hawken.  I love how it has developed its weathered look over the years.

One of the decorative tea-light holders near the patio

Within the next couple of weeks, the lilies should start blooming.  Hydrangea's won't be far behind!  More to come!


Elaine said...

Your shade garden is so lush and gorgeous! I love that double pot your sister got you. :) It looks so cool and peaceful - a perfect sanctuary.

Perfecting Pru said...

A shade garden looks so cool (pun intended!). our hydrangeas are out but I marvel every day at them. So gorgeous.