Monday, March 7, 2011

April Living

The blue sky of spring is the inspiration behind the April issue of Martha Stewart Living - now arriving in subscribers mailboxes. 

The issue is filled with wonderful blues (which happens to be my favorite color... next to Jadeite green).  The cover alone caught my eye instantly and inspired me to consider blue and white as a theme for Easter this year.  It turns out feeling blue is a happy thing.  The shade that's always in style offers endless decorating possibilities.  powdery or brilliant, neutral or intense, blue can open up just about every room in the house. 

If you're looking for great Easter inspiration, the April issue delivers just what you need.  A colorful, candy-filled egg hunt for kids doubles as a relaxed Easter brunch for the adults.  No-mess egg decorations and a sunny lemon pastry are part of the good times. 

Herbs.  Take a fresh look at herbs.  See how six basic hers stand out in 12 great recipes.  you'll never wonder what to do with leftover basil again!  Also.. a few hints and tips for growing your own - perfect how-to as we round the corner (in my neck of the woods) to gardening season. 

Easter toys are highly collectible and a great article entitled "Rabbit Tales"  takes you hopping along  through a history of bunny toys, trinkets, and housewares.  You may remember a few of these from your childhood!

One of my favorite articles in this issue is Martha's step-by-step guide to getting the grimiest of kitchen appliances sparkling again.  Grab a sponge, and get the stove "Martha clean." 

The April issue hits newsstands on March 14 and will also be available for the iPad on the same day.


Kate said...

That cover has to be one of my all time favorites. Cannot wait for my copy to arrive.

Elaine said...

The April issue is always one of my favorites and I really love this cover.

mike509 said...

Isn't that "colour"? I love this cover.... possibly my favorite one of all for.... months now! Finally.....! Can't wait to get this one!

perfectingpru said...

April? Already? Seems far too early. I love the cover too, it's like a cover from years ago with the eggs and the same blue. I look forward to planning Easter - one of my favourite holidays.

Anonymous said...

what is with the picture on page 27 so unfaltering?

Kerri said...

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy - my blue and white china paintings are featured this month! But being in Australia means it takes sooo long to arrive - hurry up already! Kerri,