Sunday, March 6, 2011

April Everyday Food

The month of March is just getting started, but the April issue of Everyday Food arrived in my mailbox yesterday filled with great recipes and ideas for spring.

Get ready to eat, with excellent recipes for three ingredient side dishes that can accompany your favorite main fare. The recipes are easy to prepare and equally as easy on the budget.

Keeping the food budget in line is something we all strive to do and a great section in this issue, “5 weeknight dinners, 5 ingredients, 5 dollars per person (or less)” is a great way to eat well, and keep your grocery bill manageable.

April means spring and Easter. Put the ham on hold this year with a great Easter menu of salmon with brown sugar and mustard glaze, salt and pepper rolls, asparagus and green beans with chili-orange oil, balsamic red onions, and a deliciously moist simple lemon cake for dessert. Sounds like a wonderfully light alternative to the traditional holiday feast.

Leftover bread? This issue of Everyday Food gives you great ideas on how to “use it up” to avoid waste.

Desserts couldn’t be easier with a section on gooey, chewy bar desserts. From chocolate to citrus, a variety of bar desserts are fast, fun, and easy to make.

For iPad owners, don’t forget that Everyday Food is now available for download, with great how-to videos, and all the excellent content you’ll find in the ‘hard copy’ of the magazine.


Elaine said...

Are you getting the Everyday Food on your iPad as well, Kenn? Geez, I can already see my iTunes card disappearing quickly when I do get my iPad. Do they offer discounts to those who already subscribe in hardcopy?

Kenn said...

Hi Elaine,
Yes, I did download the Jan/Feb and March issues to my iPad.. As far as I know they are not giving discounts to subscribers. Though, I wouldn't doubt that a subscription price will be coming at some point instead of paying for individual issues. I love having it on my iPad.. and yet, I have a hard time getting away from the hard copy!

mike509 said...

Well, I'm targeting this tax refund (if any) to an iPad2! Can't wait to see the issues on iPad... including this one!

John R. said...

I was lucky enough to purchase my iPad with what tax refund I got, LOL, and have also downloaded the EDF issues and they are amazing on there, but like Kenn, also enjoy getting that hard copy in my hands!