Sunday, February 20, 2011

Martha Stewart Living Paint Line Expands

Creating a faux finish on the walls of your home has never been easier with the recent expansion of the Martha Stewart Living Paint line at The Home Depot. 

Three different specialty paint/glazes help the home decorator to create beautiful textures that add depth and interest to any room. 

Just as velvet nap changes appearance to the touch, the lightstrokes finish reflects light differently depending on the direction in which it's brushed on.  As a result, you can manipulate the finish to create the illusion of depth,, while your wall remains completely smooth. 

Potter's Clay provides a medium for creating a variety of surface textures, simply by dragging the wet finish with combs or brushes.  Depending on the tool you use and the thickness of the finish application, you can create well-defined lines or a finish that's looser and softer. 

Precious Metals (image not available) is a decorative sheen that captures the shimmering luster of silver, gold, and other precious metals.  It's particularly beautiful combined with traditional finishes in patterns and stripes, or when added to the glazes used for Martha's favorite faux-finish technique like Faux Bois. 

A decorative tool kit and a line of faux finish rollers, both by Martha Stewart Living are also available at The Home Depot. 


Elaine said...

I'll have to check these out the next time I go to HD. I did a faux finish a few years ago, but have gotten tired of it and just have the itch to paint over it. The Potter's Clay finish sounds interesting.

mike509 said...

I want my whole house repainted "metallic shale blue". :) Accents, think accents. It is neat that she's expanding the line!

Judy said...

I used Tidal Pool for the back splash in my kitchen. I did use a sea sponge for a dappled effect. It is beautiful in every lighting condition.

Can't wait to try Ground Coffee Froth on other projects.

gottaknow said...

Do not try to use the paint on walls without doing some faux technique, design, or adding it to glaze, etc. It will leave roller marks. The paint is absolutely beautiful but even after 3 coats will leave these marks. When displayed in the stores there should be some type of explanation. The salespeople are not educated enough about this paint. I had to prime over it with zinser & paint with Behr. Very sad since it is such a beautiful paint.