Sunday, November 28, 2010

Less is Merrier - 2010 Decorating

For years, Christmas was EVERYWHERE in our home, beginning the day after Thanksgiving (sometimes even a bit before..) This year I decided that it would be a bit different. Less is more, and less is merrier.   Here is a quick look at some of the holiday decorations for this year: 

Every year, one of the first ornaments I put on our tree, is an ornament given to me by David's Mother.  Prior to her illness and eventual passing, we would share the joy of the Christmas season.  Hanging this ornament on our tree each and every year, always reminds me of her unselfish love.  How I miss her...

Our tree is pretty much red/white/silver (I know, Mike... SO last year..).  A mix of vintage ornaments, and newer ornaments cover the tree.  With my love of all things retro, I found some plastic icicles from the late 50's that just hook over the tree branches.  I spruced them up a bit with a fresh coat of fine white glitter.  I love them! I remember my Mom and Dad having those same icicles years and years (and years) ago.

Another treasure that was found this year.. glittered pine cones.  These pine cones were 'decorated' (and a couple painted teal green) by David's Mom, years ago.  David found them recently while cleaning out a  few things.  These have to be at least 20-30 years old.  I placed them in a beautiful metal basket I bought during our trip to Sharon Springs last spring. 

Making it merry, but keeping it simple.  Since the color scheme is red/white/silver, I decided to take this antique red/white pitcher, place it on a white square plate, fill the plate with faux cranberries and VOILA! Festive, but subtle.  As we get closer to Christmas, I'll fill the pitcher with fresh evergreen boughs.

I have these large canisters in my kitchen and one always seems to stand empty.  I filled it with blue/green ornaments. 

We inherited Davids Grandmothers Hoosier cabinet a few years ago.  Here, white cake stands, red/white holiday plates, and a large white casserole are displayed.  I'll be cutting pine boughs for decoration in the casserole.  It makes a wonderful display piece!

Shades of blue ornaments fill apothecary jars on our mantel shelf in the kitchen eating area. 

In honor of Martha's 20th anniversary, I pulled out the Jadeite cake stands to create a nice centerpiece for the kitchen table.  The snowmen were purchased at Kmart several years ago (Martha Stewart Everyday) The tablecloth is a vintage (50's) table cloth with a beautiful retro print. 

Except for adding some fresh greens (likely next weekend) the house is ready for the holidays.  Now, I need to start working on the over sized decorated sugar cookies!


Lpooljim said...

Nice. Less is more. Love all the ideas.


Elaine said...

You have been a busy little elf this weekend! I love that you mixed the vintage with the new. It all goes so well together, doesn't it? Everything looks beautiful, Kenn!

Also love your retro banner! :)

mike said...

All I see is red and white. I thought we discussed this already.

I love it so much more than last year - and I can't figure out why? It's wonderful! But the icicles are missing from your photos??? I want to see them (even if they are LED)! Beautiful job!

Perfecting Pru said...

Your decorations looks wonderful Kenn. It's nice to change things up now and again, and I love that you have decided to do less decorations - Christmas always seems to get so cluttered! I can't wait to see photos of the greenery soon.

Kathysue said...

Love your decorations, I have the same ornament!!! In fact todays post on my blog is how I display vintage ornaments. I also did a post on the tradition of ornament giving in our home. I have 2each, of the first ornaments on my parents and my hubby's parents tree. Our tree is full of memories and I cry every year when I see the ornaments that little hands made for me. It looks like we share the same sentiment, Kathysue

Anonymous said...

What paint color is on the wall in the kitchen?

Kenn said...

Thanks to all for your kind comments.. I do love decorating for the holidays!

Mike, once the Greenery is added to the garland with the icicles, I'll post a picture.

Anonymous: The paint color in the kitchen is Bedford Grey, part of the Martha Stewart Living paint line at Home Depot. It's a wonderful neutral to pair most any color with.

Kenn said...

Kathysue: Love your blog! Your vintage ornaments are stunning!


So pretty, Kenn! I love the cake stand!

josh kp said...

i wish i could come by for some coffee, cookies, and christmas!

Kenn said...

You're always welcome, Josh!