Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Issues of the Past - My Favorite Covers

Recently, I spent some time looking through my near two decades of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  It's hard to believe that the magazine will be turning 20 in December of this year!  Here are a few of my favorite summertime covers from previous June, July, and August issues (2000-2010)

June 2009

August 2004

July 2005

July 2001

July 2002

June 2005

June 2002


Elaine said...

These are all great choices. I'm not sure I have a favorite summer cover- I love them all!

mik said...

I think it should be a practice to bring out past month's issues along with the current - there are SO many things that you bypass or overlook or put off til next year - what a great retrospective! I like '05 from Aug? - with the cobblers on the cover. :)

Pru said...

I only own two of those magazines (June 2005 and July 2009) - but I am continuing with my collection (quite small at the moment) through the wonders of Ebay. The June one is so great, so many clever ideas which are timeless - just like every issue.


These are all great choices. And, actually, each of these issues has amazing content too!