Monday, December 28, 2009

Martha Stewart Clean Now Available at Home Depot

Martha Stewart Clean, the new line of eco-friendly cleaning products are now available at The Home Depot.

While making a last minute stop at our local Home Depot store just before the holiday, I saw a large display of the complete line of Clean products for sale. The product line includes an all-purpose cleaner, glass/mirror cleaner, bathroom cleaner, laundry soap, fabric softner, toilet bowl cleaner, wood floor cleaner, dishwashing/hand soap, spot carpet cleaner, and dishwasher soap. 

I purchased my stock of Clean a month or so ago and I've had a chance to use all the products in the line.  I put them to the cleaning test as I prepared for the holidays with some mixed results.  I've rated the cleaning products based on my own experience: 
**** Four Stars:  My top picks from the cleaning line are the all-purpose cleaner, the glass/mirror cleaner, and the wood floor cleaner.  Each worked very well without any residue or obnoxious odors. 

*** Three Stars:  Toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner and carpet cleaner.  All performed well, handling the daily cleaning.  Because there are no chemicals in the cleaners, they did not work as 'fast' as I'm used to with other commercial products.  The carpet cleaner took two attempts to remove the spot stain. 

** Two Stars:  The dishwashing / hand soap and laundry soap both are given the two star rating.  While they work for daily use, the dishwashing/hand soap did not perform well with grease removal.  The laundry soap is excellent for your basic laundry needs but additional products will need to be used for stain removal. 

* One Star:  The lone disappointment in the entire line was the fabric softner.  With a front loading, He machine, the fabric softner is too thick to be used with the auto dispenser on my washer.  I will need to thin out the softner so it will automatically dispense into the machine at the rinse cycle.

The Clean line is 99% plant based, with no additional coloring or perfumes added.  I like knowing what I'm using to clean my house is chemical free, given I have 4 cats wandering around!  My grade for the Martha Stewart Clean product line:  B  


malibu boy said...

How is it that your state always gets stuff first. There are 20 Home Depots within 50 miles of my house - none have the stuff yet...until the end of January.

They must hate Texans at MSLO. LOL

mike said...

True - I should call first before heading out there. "Martha who???".... I know that's what those carpenter/warehouse/redneck employees will say... :)

Can't wait to try them Kenn! Thanks for posting!

John R. said...

Kenn - Did you have the same problem I had with the fabric softner?? I told you I emailed Hain-Celestial about the softner being too thick. They told me they were going to send me a bunch of coupons for "MS Clean" products as an "apology for the inconvenience" but yet to see them in the mail!
Also, did you try the automatic dishwasher detergent? I have that and so far would give it 4 stars as the dishes & glasses come out very clean and streak free!

Kenn said...

Hi John,
Yes, I did use the automatic dishwasher detergent.. Yikes, I forgot to include it in the review! I agree with you, the dishes do come out clean and the glassware looks great. As with all dishes that go in a dishwasher, heavily soiled dishes need to be rinsed and scrubbed a bit before putting them in to wash!

I did have the same problem with the fabric softner. It works well IF you can get it to dispense in your machine! I ended up 'thinning' it out with water so it would work in our front loader!

Kenn said...

Hiya Malibu and Mike,
I don't know what to tell you about the availability... you would think all stores would carry it at the same time??

John R. said...

Kenn - Thinning out the softner is the suggestion that HC gave me when I wrote them. They also noted that if it's thinned out, use a bit more, but my front loader dispenser only holds so much!

Elaine said...

The all-purpose cleaner is working well. I haven't had a chance to check Home Depot here to see if they have her products in yet.

Will in Texas said...

Happy to report the Texas Home Depots have their displays up and running - except they aren't in the cleaning department - they are by the cash registers.

So far I've tried the Carpet Cleaner and the All Purpose Cleaners. Both very effective. Absolutely no smell.

Next up: The laundry detergent and hand soap.\\

kmd said...


I was wondering about the dishwasher detergent as well - do you have hard water or soft water? We have not had good luck with "green" dishwasher gel because of our hard water, but I'd like to give it a try if i know it doesn't leave white residue on the dishes when used with hard water.


Kenn said...

Hi Kate,
We have soft water here. I've not heard of any white residue reports.. I do like the dishwasher detergent for everyday needs. I hope it works out well for you!

David said...

The people from the Carpet Cleaning Bellevue, WA services group told me about Martha Stewart's cleaning products. They told me that they were eco-friendly, so I had to give them a shot. They told me that most of the carpet cleaners Bellevue, WA has uses Martha Stewart cleaning products.