Sunday, September 20, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Our trip to Sharon Springs and the Harvest Festival has been an incredible and memorable four days.  We've met so many loving people, visited wonderful shops, and for a short time, we became part of this incredible village called Sharon Springs.  There is just a small drawback however, and that's the lack of a solid internet connection!  With that little problem, it's been impossible to post the updates I wanted to post and the pictures and videos of our time here.  But, never fear... once we arrive back home, we'll have plenty to share and plenty to talk about! 

Today, we begin our journey back home.  A part of me misses home (and the cats!) and a part of me never wants to leave this small slice of heaven on earth.  I could definitely get used to this slower pace, where the closest fast food restaurant is 12 or so miles away.  I can't say it enough... I love it here. 

We're heading to the Beekman this morning for one last visit (and to wrap soap!) before we make our way back home.  One last hug of of the goats;  one last hug for our newly adopted family members Jackie, Rhema, and Kay; and one last hug to Josh and Brent. 

Sadly, we'll say goodbye to Sharon Springs for a while, but I know we'll be back.  This place is in my blood.... I'll always return 'home' to Sharon Springs. 

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Kat Kinsman said...

You and David just fit here. You really do. Can't wait until you return for good.