Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the Road Again...

We're off to Sharon Springs, NY for a few days.  I've been waiting for months for this day to arrive so I can leave the daily stress behind and return to a place we fell in love with last May. 

We're heading east to attend the Garden Party at Beekman Farm and the Harvest Festival in the heart of the village.  As foolish as it sounds, I want to hug a goat or two, run like a hyperactive child around the Beekman grounds, and enjoy the company of friends. 

While we're there, I'll be blogging often, sharing our trip and adventures. I hope you'll stop back and enjoy the visit with us!


Elaine said...

Have a wonderful time, Kenn and David!


Enjoy yourself, Kenn! I'm going in October! I can't wait!