Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home

You will want to make sure you are at your favorite bookstore on October 13th to pick up the newest cookbook from Martha Stewart: “Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home.” It is another cookbook that is sure to become a trusted kitchen resource.

While there’s so much to love about all of the cookbooks published by MSLO, each new release is designed in such a way that they become even more valuable to the home cook.

Dinner at Home features 52 diverse and complete menus that are grouped seasonally. The menus include starters, main courses, side dishes, and desserts that make the most of each season’s flavors. What makes this book a bit different is the simple preparation schedule that allows the home cook to plan and prepare a meal in just about an hour or so. The home cook can ‘mix and match’ seasonal recipes to create their own menu combinations. In her introduction, Martha urges readers to “use this book strategically. Study the lists of menus following each season’s opener, then choose meals or individual recipes that fit your needs and make the best use of your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer."

This well organized cookbook volume allows you to do just that.

As with all Martha Stewart Living publications, beautiful photography is a ‘given.’ This new book is no exception to the well established MSLO standard. The photographs pop from the pages and provide excellent visual inspiration to try the menus and recipes.

Something that is important to me as a cook is the availability of ingredients found in the recipes. As I looked through the book, I was pleased to find that the ingredients used could easily be found at local grocery stores and farm markets. Martha points out that some ingredients that were once thought to be ‘gourmet’ items are now readily available at your favorite grocer; and that, to coin a phrase, is a good thing.

If you’re planning dinner for your family, or a casual dinner gathering with friends, “Dinner at Home” is an excellent go-to resource. I would highly recommend adding this book to your cooking library.


Elaine said...

What a great review, Kenn! I like the idea of the seasonal 'mix and match.'

That blue spatula makes a perfect cookbook weight.

John R. said...

How did you get a copy so soon?? Are those your photo's? I'm jealous!
Can't wait til it comes out!

mike said...

LOVE your header!!! Wow, another book, I've yet to peruse the Cooking School book - but hey, these will be wonderful Winter Reading! Thanks for posting so early - it looks like a fantastic book! Love the spatula - just don't let it stain the pages. Use a spoon rest, silly. :)

Links of London said...

How did you get a copy so soon?? Are those your photo's? I'm jealous!
Can't wait til it comes out!