Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Martha Stewart Show to Open 5th Season September 14

Martha Stewart has four steps on how to enjoy your life at home:

Step 1: Make something delicious.
Step 2: Learn something new.
Step 3: Create something by hand.
and Step 4: Have fun.

These steps are shared in the new promo for the fifth season of the Martha Stewart Show which debuts on September 14. Described as "hands on television", the new season of "The Martha Stewart Show" is sure to inspire viewers to try hands on affordable projects to enhance their lives. Check your local listings for air times.

A Long History of Television

Television has always been a key business segment for MSLO bringing the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine to life. “Martha Stewart Living” made its debut on television in September of 1993, two short years after Martha Stewart Living magazine hit the newsstands. Designed as a compliment to the magazine, the half hour syndicated weekly series brought Martha into the viewers homes with detailed project how-to, inspiration and field trips.

"Martha Stewart Living" ran for four seasons as a weekly syndicated show (1993-1997) prior to becoming a daily series with a weekend edition, in September 1997.

On January 18, 1999, “Martha Stewart Living” expanded to a one-hour program from its previous half-hour format, introducing a number of original and expanded features. The one-hour format included features such as “Cookie of the Week”, “Cooking 101”, and “Tip of the Week” segments; more regional coverage including segments on local gardening and entertaining, ethnic cooking, and regional crafts; and a “Living Treasures” feature that put the focus on artisans and craftspeople with unique skills.

In September 1999, The Food Network cable channel began airing a daily half-hour program, "From Martha's Kitchen", consisting of food-related segments from previous "Martha Stewart Living" television programs. In July 2001, Home and Garden Telvision (HGTV) began airing "From Martha's Garden" and in October 2001, "From Martha's Home" hit the airwaves. Both series, like "From Martha's Kitchen" were composed of garden and home related programming from previous seasons of "Martha Stewart Living." The "from" shows were discontinued in 2004.

With each new season, Martha encouraged her viewers to “learn something new, everyday” and the television program provided an excellent forum to do just that.

“Martha Stewart Living” ran for 11 full seasons. Production of the 12th season was put on hiatus following Martha’s unfortunate personal legal problems and subsequent temporary absence from the company.

The 2005-2006 television season marked the first year of the reinvented series, “The Martha Stewart Show.” Filmed before a live studio audience, “The Martha Stewart Show” features regular cooking and crafting segments as well as celebrity guests who share in the how-to with Martha.

Season after season, “The Martha Stewart Show” continues to be sold to nearly 90% of the country and is available in several international markets.

In addition to the daily show, Martha can also be found on "Martha Stewart Crafts TV" on the DIY cable network and on "Whatever, Martha" on Fine Living. One day delay airings of "The Martha Stewart Show" can also be seen on the Fine Living network during prime-time.

Still want more Martha? Check out "Martha Stewart On Demand" available to Cox, Comcast, and Cablevision subscribers as well as on iTunes. Collections of "Martha Stewart Living" segments are also available through the Martha University provided by iAmplify.


Claudine said...

sadly not for me, the local market did not renew for this season.....

Rachel said...

I look forward to the new season. I don't really care for the live audience format but I keep hoping each season will bring more how to information and less of the other junk. What I miss are the gardening segments at Turkey Hill. Thanks for the great post. Love your blog.

DeeDee said...

Thanks for the update! I always turn to your blog for the latest news. I like the picture of Martha in the ad.

Anonymous said...

If the company would only do the smart thing and return to the former glory days of the Martha Stewart Living show. This version of the show is so painful to watch.

Lauren-MSLO said...

Your blog is one of the most read here at MSLO. Thanks for keeping everyone updated! It's great to see a person take such great interest in our work. Come visit us at Television some day!

John R. said...

I think our annual "Autumn Martha" event should be we go see the show live!! Wishful thinking!

Elaine said...

I am looking forward to the new season.