Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green Handbook from Body + Soul

The September issue of Body + Soul is a " 2-n-1" magazine this month. Flip the magazine over and find the "Going Greener Guidebook;" the guide to help readers achieve a greener lifestyle while demystifying healthy, natural and sustainable living.

On newsstands now, the issue features:

The Resource Pages: From the 20 best eco Web sites to the leading planet-friendly companies, the esstentials you need to live and shop greener.

Organics 101: Everything to know about this expanding field and why it's important to look for that USDA seal.

Green Your Home: More than 40 tipsp to reduce your carbon footprint, curb pollution and create a healthy place to live in every room in the house.

Plus, with a flip of the magazine, you get all the great articles and features in Body + Soul. It's the third annual health issue with tips on losing weight, gaining energy and getting fit.

The September issue of Body + Soul is on newsstands now.

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mike said...

I love the Green Section! It's like a "Good Things" publication, only tacked onto B&S. The decorating pages are suberb. I really enjoyed this issue and still have it around to browse! Thanks for posting!