Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late July Garden

After a short rain shower yesterday afternoon, I took a walk outside to take a few photographs of what's blooming and growing in the garden. Take a look:

Beautiful lilies are beginning to bloom. There are many more to come!

The hydrangeas are blooming and the flowers are HUGE this year. I've already cut several for arrangements inside. What starts off as a small little bud ends up being a huge flower!

The black eyed susans are blooming like crazy! From last year to this year, they really spread throughout one garden. I love the "mass" look in the garden.

Growing heirloom tomatoes can be a challenge, but this year, my Brandywine tomato plants are producing big, beautiful fruit. I wish I understood why they 'split' toward the stem. Hmmm.. something to investigate!

Another big producer this year are the 'grape' tomato plants. Bite sized morsels of goodness that are actually a bit sweet. David loves them in his salad.

The large ferns are beginning to fade. The deep green is turning to a golden green and the edges are starting to brown. It's always the signal that the season is starting to change. The ferns spread like wildfire this year, covering the path.

There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you plant a tomato plant, nurture it, watch it bloom, and watch the fruit ripen. With each harvest, there's a true sense of pride!


Elaine said...

Everything looks so lush and beautiful! Love it all.

Thank you for sharing your garden!

mike said...

Please send a package of grape tomatoes. Everything looks wonderful! Love the BE Susans! (or rudebeckia vulgaris). :) Nice that you were able to capture the wet "dew" look!