Monday, March 2, 2009

Martha Stewart Living Undergoes Redesign

Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you don't want to know!
With spring right around the corner (at least by the calendar), the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine took the spirit of renewal to heart with several changes that are introduced in the April issue. This issue brings back an old favorite, debuts new sections, and the pages appear to be refreshed... like a warm spring breeze ushering in new life to familiar surroundings.

First, the old favorite. Martha's calendar is back in print (page 4)! This reader favorite was removed from the magazine several years ago with a previous redesign following Martha's legal troubles. Readers expressed their desire to have the calendar return and MSLO listened. From the looks of the calendar, April will be a busy month for Martha!
According to research conducted by MSLO, readers of the flagship magazine travel frequently (77%) so Martha's column will from time to time change into her personal travel handbook. April brings us a first look into Martha's travels with her trip to Prague (page 25).

Martha's calendar returns!

There are two new sections debuting in April. The Briefing (page 37) is a section to keep readers informed about everything from books to exhibitions, from events to food trends. In keeping with MSLO's commitment to healthier living, Apothecary (page 43), provides updates on the lastest wellness information and advice on choosing the best beauty products and tools.

Fashion makes it's official debut with this issue (page 61) and will be a regular feature in the magazine. April looks at essential spring jackets.

The last page of the magazine, "Cookie of the Month" has been renamed to The Last Course. It's scope will expand beyond cookies and feature recipes for other sweet and savory treats. Not to worry.. readers are assured that they are not forgetting about cookies... they will still be featured from time to time.

With fresh graphic redesigns and page layouts, Martha Stewart Living ushers in spring as it should be - with a fresh look and a fresh start. ______________________________________________
My thanks to Louis G. from Gestures for sharing his pictures and information on the April issue. Please visit Louis on his blog. You'll be inspired!


Elaine said...

Love the cover! It's great to see that they are trying new sections and looks out in the magazine. Not sure about seeing Fashion and Beauty in MSL - think that is best left in a magazine like O...

I miss Dr. Brent's column, so I sure hope they haven't ended some of our other favorite sections.

Thank you and Louis for sharing the redesign with us. I can't wait to get the issue in the mail.

mike said...

Wow - change. Not for everyone, but good, nonetheless! I'm looking forward to the Calendar - I loved that. I'll miss my "Cookies"... but will embrace all the new sections! Nice time to debut - Spring - a new beginning. Thanks Kenn - for the preview!

Kate said...

That cover is beautiful. I too am not sure about fashion and beauty being covered but I shall wait and see. I look forward to receiving my copy in the mail (probably about 2 weeks after you receive yours!).

Anonymous said...

The type seems very masculine to me, maybe it's the black and red, more than the typefaces. The black and red makes it look more like a news magazine, very much like the Roger Black magazine design formula. Not so appealing to me. I like the content changes though, spices things up a little.