Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bold and Beautiful Spring

With winter clearance sales behind them, the shelves at Macy's are starting to fill with new additions to the Martha Stewart Collection for Spring.

Bold and beautiful is one way to describe the newest additions in the spring collection. With Martha's signature blue, brilliant red, a golden yellow and a deep grass green color scheme, you can't help but think of spring when you see the collection.

The bold polka dot motif can be found on cookie/cupcake boxes, cake plate doilies, cupcake liners, and even a charming 'cooks kit' for kids, that includes oven mitts, apron and a chefs hat all in bold polka dots.

The "Marthateers" have been in the stores, hunting down some of the newest finds and additions. With camera phones in hand, the shoppers snapped pictures to share with you here. Several new items were also found on Macy's website. Here's a quick look:

Bold butterflies take flight on these whimsical plates perfect for serving spring treats

A boxed set of dessert dishes in spring '09 collection colors.

New spring cookie cutters in floral and insect shapes, cake plate doilies, cake stencils, and cupcake sprinkle sets

Cupcake liners, large and small as well as cupcake topper picks.

Box up those spring treats in these way too cute polka dot boxes

Think Easter Eggs with this egg plate, available in Martha's signature blue, red, or yellow.

New Martha signature blue cakestands. These also come in red and yellow. The new cakestand doilies fit perfectly on these stands.

Get the kids cooking this spring, with an adorable kids cooking kit in the bold polka dot pattern

Doesn't everyone have seasonal dishtowels? Here's a new butterfly set to get you started.



LOVE those cupcake boxes!!

Elaine said...

I have also seen the egg plates in white. I bought her whiteware egg plate last year, but I do like the colors of the melamine plates. I wish the egg plates and the cake stands were also in the Martha green.

Kate said...

I went to my local Macy's last night and purchased cupcake liners and cupcake boxes. All of the new items are fun and happy but it was a cake plate in the whiteware section that grabbed me. It is a limited edition scallop edged white cake plate and it is so pretty! and it was on sale!