Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Craft Project Card

Martha Stewart Crafts has released a new project card to inspire your Valentine's Day crafting adventures. These cards are available at Michaels. To see a larger image, click the photo above.


mike said...

I *Heart* these!

They would look good on an apron, yes?


Sarah said...

I thought I was the only one who collected these idea cards at Michael's.
I've always wondered if I've missed any, do you have a list of photo of them all somewhere?

Kenn said...

Hi Sarah,
I've been trying to collect all of them too.. I think I've kept up, but I may have missed one along the way! Here is the list of what I have in my small craft binder (in no particular order):

Autumn Party
Valentine Cards
Moth Specimen Boxes
Holiday Photo Cards and Tags
Thanksgiving Party
Kids Name Art
Essential Tools
Mix and Match Wedding Themes
Photo Frame Ornaments
Paper Poinsetta's
Weaving Ribbon
Ribbon Bookmarks
Gift Packaging Ideas
Sewn Candy Dishes
Card Making Ideas
Craft Punch Glossary
Martha's Favorite Bow
Themed Party
Kids Party Ideas
Pens and Markers

You can also find more on-line craft project idea cards by logging into and click the link on the left for project ideas. They are .pdf files that you can print out and add to your collection.

Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the list. I have two that aren't on your list: Glitter Star Ornaments and Summer Party Idea Card.

I must have another stash somewhere, because I went through mine and I swear I have some that you listed that I cant find at the moment.

The Micheal's that I go to often has different cards in each individual holder, so I usually look through the whole stack in one holder and find a few that are hiding.

Kenn said...

That's a great idea... to go through the entire holder. I think I have the downloaded versions of the two you mentioned, but not the paper copies from Michaels.

Elaine said...

I even bough the little notebook at Michaels so I could put my collection of ideas. I really like these project cards. Thank you for the list!

Kate said...

The only Michaels in my area sucks in the Martha department. They never have any project cards and the product has dwindled to almost nothing. It makes me rather irrationally angry!