Saturday, January 3, 2009

John's Great Collectible

My Martha Pal John, was the lucky winner of one of the handcrafted ornaments from the Martha Stewart Radio / Taste of the NFL auction. John was the highest bidder on the ornament designed by Sandy Gluck, from Everyday Food.

There were numerous ornaments up for auction created by several of the hosts and guests of Martha Stewart Living Radio. Martha herself created a beautiful glittered bird ornament.

Congratulations to John for winning this great ornament! Kudos to Sandy for her creativity!


mike said...

How lucky for John, he seems to win everything... :)


John said...

LOL, thanks Mike but this win cost me (not a lot though) and it was for charity!

Thanks, Kenn, for spotlighting that!


Elaine said...

How neat! Congratulations, John!