Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ready for Some Fresh Thinking?

While in the middle of making cookie dough this afternoon, there came a knock at the door. It was our mail-person, Michelle, who presented me with the haul of mail for the day. Within the stack of mail, I found the January issue of Martha Stewart Living.
After a hectic holiday season full of projects, decorations, lights and bits of scotch tape on the floor (which you will find until St. Patrick's Day), it's always refreshing to put a focus on getting organized once again. Despite my best efforts every year from Halloween - New Year's, I can't quite keep the house in quite the 'order' I'm used to. (to see my project room right now would make any professional organizer shudder!)
The January issue of Living is all about 'fresh thinking.' Despite it's small size this month (only 144 pages), it's full of great articles and photography.
Looking to maximize your closet space? there is a range of clever and easy organizing ideas to make the most of the storage you have. Ever wonder how Martha 'does it all' and maintains her great appearance and vigor? You'll find all her health secrets in her monthly column, "From My Home to Yours." Get a glimpse behind the scenes at some of MSLO staffers offices in an interesting articled titled, "Creativity at Work."
There's much more in this issue of Living. Go beyond the expected uses of citrus when cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take a look at a year of flowers - a calendar of a dozen seasonal bouquets. Anticipate being 'full' from all the holiday goodies? Try a dessert of meringues in the coming new year.
A new year, and another resolution to get fit. Dr. Brent Ridge shares his insight on how exercising actually affects your body in his monthly column Doctor/Patient. It's an article you don't want to miss.
Cooking, entertaining, gardening, homekeeping and more all in the January issue. Watch for it!


Elaine said...

I'm glad they went with that cover.

Anonymous said...

OOHHHH! I got my Living on Friday and it is still in the package. Sometimes I have to use it as motivation to get projects complete.

Usually when I am in school I say that I can not open it until my homework is done. Now I am telling myself I can not open it until my Christmas cookies are all baked.


I agree, the Martha cover was/is the best. I can't wait to get it!