Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Baking Has Started

Yesterday, I was making cookie dough for my over-sized sugar cookies. The disc's are in the fridge chilling away, ready to be rolled at any time.

Today, I did get the Chocolate/Dried Cherry Biscotti baked, cut, baked again, and packaged:

It is DELICIOUS. You can find the recipe from Emeril here.

I also started some Marshmallow Snowflakes. The marshmallow mixture was easy to make and it's amazing what some hot sugar water and corn syrup can turn into after about 10 minutes on the Kitchen-Aid!

This pan (a standard rimmed baking sheet) will be cut into snowflakes tomorrow. The recipe to make these easy treats can be found on

So much more to do... but so pleased with the achievements so far! Happy Sunday, everyone!



I have to make those marshmallows sometime! (Every year I say that...) It all looks delicious, Kenn!

Elaine said...

I'll take one marshmallow snowflake (not dipped in chocolate) for my mexican hot chocolate and a biscotti to go - um, make that two biscotti!

They look wonderful!