Friday, November 14, 2008

How Do You Decorate?

Christmas trees are already starting to pop up in homes around our area. As you're walking or driving by, the holiday lights catch your eye and you find yourself staring, like some Peeping Tom of the holiday season.

In our home, we have a tradition that we follow every year. Our outdoor lights will go up on a suitable weekend prior to Thanksgiving. (we were shooting for this weekend, but the weather may not cooperate!) On Thanksgiving evening, after everyone has enjoyed their pumpkin pie and coffee, we bundle up and head outdoors for the 'flip of the switch' to light up the holiday season. Now that we have young ones in the family once again, this tradition will have even more meaning with their 'ooohs and aaahhs.'

Our indoor decorating begins the day after Thanksgiving. We normally have four Christmas trees, though this year we are reducing our holiday footprint by only having two.

David and his friend Barb are normally up at the wee hours to begin (and often end) their holiday shopping. By 4 a.m. I'm already unpacking the storage bins and getting things ready. Now mind you, I've been sketching and planning my decorating for WEEKS and the furniture in the family room has been rearranged for tree placement. Once David is out the door, let the decorating begin! All of the autumnal decor comes down, shelves and furniture are dusted, and the mass transformation begins!

Now, don't be upset that David doesn't take part in the festivities. He has no desire to do so. He loves the end result; but knows that the decorating piece is 'my' thing... and clears out as early as he can! (or he may be put to work!)

There are 'traditions within traditions' when it comes to our holiday decorating. To begin, I always have "Martha Stewart's Home for the Holidays" prime time Christmas special in the DVD player. This special is classic Martha from 1995. It's a must have. Next up is the 1996 Martha Stewart special, "Welcome Home for the Holidays." These two television specials are my favorites. I wish MSLO would release these as DVDs or podcast specials. I've made DVDs from my VHS copies, so the quality isn't all that great... but still, they are such classics, I can't imagine a holiday without them.

Next up, is the movie "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Allen. My all time favorite holiday movie. The musicals of the 50's were so fabulous! Following the closing credits of "White Christmas," I turn to holiday music to take me through the remainder of the decorating festivities.

Twelve or so hours later, most of the decorating is done, David has returned, and we're settling in for a dinner of wonderful left overs. The cats can't seem to keep their eyes off the lights (or an ornament that looks like a play toy) and neither can I. I love this time of year.

How do you decorate? I'd love to know your traditions.


Bridgette said...

I usually decorate the inside and outside of the house the first weekend of December. That Friday is when we get the tree, usually in the dark! I go to the tree lot before my husband, he hates standing there while I choose the perfect tree. He'll show up about an hour later to put everything in our car. We've been doing it the same way for the 13 years we've been married.

Now we have 2 new kitties I can wait to see what kind of havoc they create with the tree!

louisj80 said...

You are so lucky! I recendly purchased over 50 MS Living magazines on Ebay and I start to salivate when I see the advertisements for Martha Stewart's holiday specials. I would love to find copies of them or an online version.


Actually, Kenn, this will probably be the first year when we start our traditions! I didn't really have any when I lived alone and relied on my family to involve me in their traditions. I'm looking forward to developing some of my own!

Claudine said...

Can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating... Is it to early to watch White Christmas?

mike said...

Umm.... I think you forgot one other thing you need to do. In between dusting the furniture and watching White Christmas.


Gene said...

I have got my Christmas tree for this year through Hammacher Schlemmer, it's beautiful.